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The website is cool and all, but… What is this ProX Clan?

Community focused on self-improvement

ProX Clan is a community which is mainly focused on self-improvement, self-growth and much more…

Why join us?

You’re maybe wondering why should you join us, well you can…

Find new friends

Our community is without a doubt, one of the best places to find new friends! You will be actively engaging with people on our forums in various topics, so you never know who you meet!

Discuss any topic

No matter whether you want to know how to build a house, how to sell a pen successfully, or how to become more disciplined, you can discuss any topic you can imagine! Yes! Any topic!

Learn new skills

You can learn a wide range of new skills being a member of our community. We provide custom-made presentations which should help you learn about any topic you want to!

It’s free

We don’t ask our members for any membership payments. Membership in ProX Clan is completely free. We will never force you to put a single dollar into our community.


We are a community that was first founded in 2010, first just as a group of friends and later we grew into a strong community highly valuing Loyalty.


We are making sure that all the members of our community have the same opportunities and no one is treated differently, since Justice ensures balance.


We are people from all around the world, that came together to increase the growth of their knowledge by learning and using their newly aquired knowledge in practice.

Some numbers

Since our foundation in 2010, we have had over 1000 members join us and currently we have more than 10 different divisions which focus on different topics of learning.



It doesn’t matter what you are interested in.

Discuss about anything!

We want to allow everyone to gain knowledge in any field they want to. We don’t limit you to a single department. We have divisions from Physics, Philosophy, Psychology… to Graphics, Music and anything else you could imagine! And in case that we don’t have the division you would like too see, then just let us know and we can change that!

Practical Skills

From Leadership, Marketing, Communication, Teamwork, to all the other ones you can imagine.


From Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Mathematics, to all the other ones you can imagine.

Computer Skills

From Graphic Design, Programming, Music Creation, Video Editing, to all other ones you can imagine.

Learning Efficiency

We use the most efficient learning methods available according to our current knowledge.

Teaching Others

Practise by doing

Group Discussion

But don’t take my word for it, listen to our members!

Member Testimonials

What do our members think about us?

Before I joined ProX Clan, I had a hard time finding new friends, but that changed right in the moment when I joined. The community helped me out a lot when I first joined, and even these days, they are the ones that keep encouraging me to learn more. Joining this community has given me a lot of new friends, and also skills.


ProX Clan Member

I was a Staff Member previously, but since I didn’t have enough time to spend on administrative duties anymore, I stepped down to a regular member. I am planning to re-join the Staff Team in the future, since I really love the community and the whole idea. I would encourage everyone else to give it a try as well!


ProX Clan Former Staff Member

I’ve always liked learning new things in a wide area of subjects, but I could never find a community which could give me the chance to discuss two completely different topics on the same website. ProX Clan changed that, I can discuss anything that I am interested in here! From Quantum Physics to Learning Graphic Design!


ProX Clan Member

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