You can be a Pro.

If you're influenced by the right environment.

The website is cool and all, but… What is this ProX Clan?

Your ticket to a new world, one with future.

ProX Clan is a community filled with people that chose to live their dream instead of just dreaming it.

Why are we different?

We are not like these “internet gurus” trying to cash in on you.

Make Connections

Our community is packed with people that are filled with ambitions and goals that they WILL achieve because they CHOSE to. The easiest way to success is to be in an environment full of success. Being around successful people will turn you successful.

Reality not just a Fantasy

We focus on the real world, real goals and not just fantasies most people choose to believe in. People in our community are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their goal. We do not just talk about “what ifs”, we first plan and then execute our plans.

A New World

Being around people that are filled with ambitions and goals will give you a new view on the world. Many people feel like they are outsiders because they are ambitious around people with none. That won’t happen here! We recruit only people with ambitions!

It’s free

We don’t ask our members for any membership payments. Membership in ProX Clan is completely free. We will never force you to put a single dollar into our community. This opportunity should be free for everyone. We make you rich, not the opposite.

Your background doesn’t matter.

You can always be better!

Being a Pro is not a destination which you reach once you master a certain skill.
Being a Pro means that you are learning to master life without the fear of failing.


You must keep learning to be able to understand people and various circumstances.


Only when you understand other people and the circumstances, are you able to react accordingly.


Invest your money to keep growing. Never save your money for a false sense of security.

What are you waiting for?